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feenominal bundles

FEEnominal Bundles is committed to ensuring that every customer is satisfied. Our hair extensions are 100% reusable & will last 6 months – 1 yr with proper care. Please note that each batch of virgin hair is unique and no bundle of hair is exactly the same. This is the nature of unprocessed virgin hair extensions. Please review your hair purchase before installing. Prior to using our hair, Feel free to comb brush or wet it if necessary but do not unroll or cut the wefts or lace until you are satisfied with your purchase. If there are any problems with the hair, return the hair for exchange BEFORE USING.

An advantage of virgin hair is that it can be styled and processed just like your natural hair, however, we do not guarantee any hair that has been chemically altered after purchase. If you must chemically alter your hair, we strongly recommend you seek assistance from a professional stylist and proceed only after the stylist completes a strand test as this will allow you to test how your Remy hair extensions will hold up to the chemicals.

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